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Other 12 team leagues... LET'S UNITE! (1 Viewer)


Im the commissioner of a 12 team Keep League and after a VERY successful session, we are looking at expanding to a 24 team league in 2014.

We use MyFantasy League and would love invite another 12 team league to play in our league. Im open to any new ideas from commissioners that are interested. My idea is that the format of the new 24 team league could be like the old NFL and AFL, where teams from the two Conferences didn't meet until the Super Bowl. We could agree on a new set of rules or adopt the current rules from our league.

Please contact me by email agame2323@gmail.com if you're interested. Serious inquiries only!

We have a beautiful league site that works flawless! http://www14.myfanta...13/home/67062#2


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