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Owner needed for two leagues draft next week (1 Viewer)

Saint Greg

I have two leagues. We have the same owners in both leagues so if possible I would really like someone willing to take both teams. But if I can get two people each willing to take one team that will work as well.

One league is $100 and the other is $64 so $164 for someone who took both teams. We use PayPal. Send the money to my account then after championship week I transfer the winnings back to the winners.

We have 26 man rosters and we keep 14.

It’s a 10 team league that starts two QBs.

Our 12 round draft starts on Monday. Keepers are due Sunday night. Our draft has no clock and usually takes about a week to complete this way.

Here are the rosters.

$100 league - Team has the 9th pick in each round of the draft.

Kirk Cousins
Daniel Jones

Najee Harris
Joe Mixon
D'Andre Swift
James Conner
Leonard Fournette
Devonta Freeman
Jamaal Williams
Khalil Herbert

Tyreek Hill
Terry McLaurin
Jaylen Waddle
Michael Pittman Jr.
Jarvis Landry
Christian Kirk

Noah Fant
Dalton Schultz
Taysom Hill
Dawson Knox
Evan McPherson

$64 league - Team has the 2nd pick in each round of the draft.

Ryan Tannehill
Daniel Jones
Sam Darnold
Andy Dalton

Ezekiel Elliott
D'Andre Swift
Darrell Henderson
Tony Pollard
Michael Carter
D'Onta Foreman
Khalil Herbert
Chuba Hubbard

Julio Jones
Calvin Ridley
Russell Gage
Christian Kirk
Jakobi Meyers

Noah Fant
Tyler Higbee
Zach Ertz
Dawson Knox
Logan Thomas

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