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Owners needed: 2QB / Dynasty / Auction / IDP / Salary cap (1 Viewer)

General Zod99

I just created a 10 team 2 QB / auction / IDP / salary cap / dynasty league
and am looking for good committed owners. I'm using the realityspotrsonline website.
I have been playing for 15 years and never done a auction/salary cap but am looking for the next "thing" in
fantasy and this could be it. The year 1 league fee will be low ($25 + league fees) just to let everybody get
to know each other and feel out the rules without much at risk. After the first year we can discuss a change, anywhere from keeping it at $25 up to $200, I'm very flexible.

I have been a commish in two league for 15 and 10 years am very very detailed and fair. For this league I'm willing to listen to potential small tweaks to scoring or other parameters specific to auction/ salary cap leagues. (ie. number of annual contract allowed, etc..)

I'm trying to make this league as involved and extensive as possible, I"m looking for committed owner who are active in their leagues and love to trade. If you are looking for the same this is your league.

Let me know if you are interested and I can send you more details.



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