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Paid PPR dynasty/devy leauge (1 Viewer)


I'm looking for committed owners only. Starting a seperflex, PPR, paid dynasty/devy leauge that will be for 2019 and on. The entry fee will be 75 dollars a year with payouts ranging from 300 for first, 150 for second, 75 for third, plus other bonuses, all money being done threw leaugesafe. It will be a 12 team 35 man roster with 3 IR spots, and 4 taxi squad spots. We will do a start up draft threw email at 12 hour picking time so everyone has time to draft. After the NFL draft we will do another draft including three rounds of devy players followed by a set number of rounds for rookies. Again, committed players only looking for a serious league long term, more then just a single season,  to make friends, play football, and maybe win some money. Trash talking is encouraged within reason (just dont let it get out of hand), if you're interested and serious DM me. Let's play some football. 


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