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PDFFL Seeking One Committed Owner (1 Viewer)

Dave Stauff

PDFFL is a 24 team dynasty league established in 2003.  Many of our original owners remain and turnover each year is minimal.  Annual fees are $75 and all fees are paid out as prize money.  30 man rosters.  If you are interested in joining us, please email me at Dstauff@aol.com with a little info about yourself.

I'm a longtime FFL player in all formats. I've been around since the late 80's when we drafted from mags in pubs. One of my leagues was formed in the 90's and most of our original owners are still around. We are going into our 27th season together. Get back to me and let me know what kinda roster I would be taking over if you decide I'm your guy.

Looking forward to your response

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