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Pick 2 QB for ROS - WHIR - Carr, Hurts, Tannehill, Fields (1 Viewer)


Six Point per Passing Touchdown, 1 point per 25 yards passing, 1 point per 10 rushing, -2 for Interceptions and Fumbles Lost, and -0.5 for each sack

I currently have 3 of these 4 on my roster (and I always thought only an idiot would ever carry 3 QB's)  I drafted Hurts and Fields, grabbed Carr off the WW, and Tannehill just popped up on the WW.  I have to drop one this weekend to pick up a kicker.  I could drop two and pick up Tannehill at no cost.

Average PPG after 2 weeks
Derek Carr - current avg 29.8 ppg
Jalen Hurts - current avg 27.5 ppg
Ryan Tannehill - current avg 13.6 ppg
Justin Fields - current avg 4.6 ppg

Schedules for next 5 weeks including this week
Derek Carr - Dolphins, @Chargers, Bears, @Broncos, Eagles
Jalen Hurts - @Dallas, Chiefs, @Panthers, Buccs, @Raiders
Ryan Tannehill - Colts, @Jets, @Jaguars, Bills, Chiefs
Justin Fields - @Browns, Lions, @Raiders, Packers, @Buccs

Playoff Schedules - Weeks 15-17 (although with CMC hamstring, I might not have to worry about playoffs)
Derek Carr - @Browns, Broncos, @Colts
Jalen Hurts - WFT, Giants, @WFT
Ryan Tannehill - @Steelers, 49ers, Dolphins
Justin Fields - Vikings, @Seahawks, Giants

Bye Weeks line up well, no two guys are the same
Derek Carr - Bye Week 8
Jalen Hurts - Bye Week 14
Ryan Tannehill - Bye Week 13
Justin Fields - Bye Week 10

Here's my thinking on each guy.  None of them would be good trade bait at the moment among league mates, but could change of course as time goes on.

Derek Carr - Josh Jacobs is hurting, so team probably will run less.  Edwards and Ruggs are coming on, and Waller is a monster.  Opposing SOS looks like a lot of middling defenses.  But Carr has been very up and down over his career - don't want to just buy into a couple of good weeks.

Jalen Hurts - Looked awesome against Falcons and very average against 49ers.  Best runner of this group.  Devonta Smith looks awesome, the rest of the pass catchers look competent but not special.

Justin Fields - biggest wild card of the group.  Will run a lot, and has 2 excellent WR's in Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney.  PFF called him the most accurate college QB ever, but generally took longer to throw than most college QB's - a negative when behind a weak O Line.  Also much less accurate when on the move.

Ryan Tannehill - I had him ranked the highest going into the season.  Team will be run first as long as Henry is healthy, but a healthy Henry also makes play-action deadly.  AJ Brown has started very slow and has the dropsies, which was not the case last year.  Julio looked excellent in week 2 and if he can stay healthy and Brown avoids the drops this could be best 1-2 WR in the league.  Tannehill is the guy that is currently on the WW.
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I'd keep this pretty simple. Hurts and Fields give you the most upside at the position and their running upside can negate any turnovers typically that they have. They also essentially are goalline options for their respective teams as well. I think if you keep 3 QBs, Carr gives you the safer floor than Tannehill just because you'll see more passing volume from him than Tannehill.



Wow, Tannehill should not be on a WW. Grab him.

Out of the remaining bunch, I'd go Fields based on short term upcoming schedule. Really can't worry about playoff matchups yet, but if things hold to what is currently true, his is not all that bad. I think Tannehill gives you the safe floor that's a bit higher than what Carr gives you.


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