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Pick 3 RBs (1 Viewer)


Saquon vs JAX

McCaffrey vs DAL

Lynch vs LAR

Ajayi vs ATL

James White vs HOU

Conner vs CLE (assuming Bell holds out)

1/2 pt PPR league.   Need to pick 3 (2 starting and one flex) Thanks for the help!

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Was thinking whether I should bench Saquon vs JAX for James White.  I probably wont but the thought crossed my mind.  I think White is going to have a lot of catches and JAX can be a tough matchup.

Saquon vs JAX

McCaffrey vs DAL

Conner vs CLE

I think Barkley's floor is higher than White's and I think Barkley's ceiling is higher.

McCafrey, Barkley and connor. If by some surprise Bell is back, I'd probably go Lynch or pivot to flexing a WR or TE. 


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