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Pick #6 in a 3 year keeper league (1 Viewer)


I assume the 4 RBs go top 4, and then maybe AB, since we are in pittsburgh.  At 6, Kamara or Barkley?

I can keep the pick for 3 years.

1 pt PPR

12 man rosters



Kamara and Saquon will probably be very close point wise over the next 3 years barring injury.

Both teams may have QB issues in the next few years based on the age of their starters but I would probably give the nod to New Orleans as having the better backup (Bridgewater).

They are very close in age (Kamara - 23, Saquon - 21).

I don't think there's a right answer to this.  I think this is more, choose the flavor of ice cream YOU want because they are both going to be good.



ty247 answered this one well.  Its a no lose choice imo, but I slant slightly to Kamara because there is a data point (last season) and a proven offense.  That being said, I think Saquon will do great...guess the only thing is we haven't actually seen it yet so we cant truly say how it will look.  Good luck!   



Ended up with Kamara.  No regrets.

Team didnt end up as strong as I woulda liked, but first year in a 14 teamer, super flex:

Q:  Watson, Goff, Bortles, Rosen

R:  Kamara, Carson, Mack, Hines, Ronald Jones, Dixon

W:  Landry, D Thomas, C Davis, Nelson

T:  Njoku, Watson

K:  Vinatieri, McManus

DL:  Lawrence, Flowers, Sol Thomas

LB:  T Edmunds, Roq Smith, Littleton, Vin Williams

DB:  Der James, McDougal, Bates

I went real young on D, which might be a little rough this year, but could produce 2 stud LBs and a great DB going forward.

RB is thin, need Carson to last a while, and hope that Jones gets it going at some point.  


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