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pick my opponent for wk15 - WHIR 100.43% (1 Viewer)


0.5ppr, i get to pick which of these teams to play next week... who would you pick (and why) if you had to play one of them? The scarier names are on team B, but team A has been on fire last few weeks I have to choose by wednesday evening.

Team A

QB    Ben Roethlisberger, v. NE
RB    Phillip Lindsay, v. CLE
RB    Lamar Miller @ nyj
WR    JuJu Smith-Schuster, v. NE
WR    Robert Woods v. PHI
TE    Travis Kelce, v. LAC
FLEX    Gus Edwards v. TB
D/ST    Vikings v. MIA or Jets v. HOU
K    Brett Maher, Dal K    
Bench    Dede Westbrook v. WSH
Bench    Latavius Murray v. Mia
Bench    Theo Riddick @ buf
Bench    Rod Smith @ ind
Bench    Josh Allen v. Det

Team B

QB    Philip Rivers @ KC or Luck v. DAL
RB    Ezekiel Elliott @ ind
RB    Aaron Jones @ chi
WR    Keenan Allen @ kc
WR    Brandin Cooks v. Phi
TE    Vance McDonald v. NE or Rudolph v. MIA or Burton v. GB
FLEX    Stefon Diggs v. MIA
D/ST    Jags v. WSH
K    Greg Zuerlein
Bench    Josh Adams @ LAR
Bench    Jeff Wilson Jr. v. Sea
Bench    James Conner v. NE

It's pretty close but I'd rather face Team A. Ben has hurt ribs, team B will probably bench Jones for Wilson and Zeke is better than Lindsay/Miller. Kelce is clearly better than team B's tight ends and the wr's are kind of even so to me it is because of the QB's and I would rather face a banged up Ben than an on fire Rivers in a shootout.

I'd choose team A for these reasons:

  • NE will scheme to make life difficult for passing, and force them to run.
  • Woods is the outlet receiver and isn't as "big play" as Cooks is.
  • I don't want to face Elliott vs anyone
  • Denver seems to play down (or up) to their competition. Lindsay could do well, but won't kill you like Elliott can
  • Will it be Gus or Dixon, and will Jackson be the QB, or Flacco
  • Keenan Allen will be needed to keep up with KC
that's what I got so far from an initial look...

I would rather face Team A by quite a margin.  Team B has too many players that can put up monster games (Zeke, Rivers/Allen stack against KC, Cooks).  Also with Ben nursing some ribs that could be problematic for him limiting his effectiveness. 


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