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Pick one flex...non prr (1 Viewer)


MVS vs Atl

Crabtree @ KC

Stills vs NE

Ellington at Arizona

Ridley at Oak

Chester Rodgers vs Tex 


Drake Hater

Of that list it's Stills, MVA or Ridley.

Crabtree silver lining is the Ravens have to play catch up. Don't trust Ellington or Rogers on the road. 

Tempted to say Stills>Ridley>MVS but that's not an easy call. I think Stills or Ridley have the best TD potential. 



I'm not seeing MVS at all this week. Pretty good chance he finishes 5th among Packers in receiving, now that Cobb is back and Graham seems ok. He's big play or nothing, with about a 75% chance of nothing.

I can see a case for Stills, but I lean toward Ridley. Best TD potential, and a game his team "should" control, though the Steelers are often fickle.


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