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Pick one running back (1 Viewer)


One point ppr league starting two running backs.  One is Elliott.  Who else should I start from the following?

Drake vs Chicago

Ekeler vs Cleveland

Cohen vs Miami

Lindsay vs LAR

A. Jones vs San Fran

I'd say it depends what you feel you will need. If you need 10pts or so, go Ekeler because of all of these guys, he's the safer bet in PPR....He has had at least 10pts every game so far so if you feel you won't need tons of points, play it safe with Ekeler.

If you need a boom or bust type of guy, I would go with Lindsay or Drake. Prolly Lindsay.

I like Lindsey.  He gets touches no matter what the game script is.  I do think that Jones could get going but he is riskier.


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