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Pick up Deshaun Watson? (1 Viewer)


I could use some QB help, poor drafting left me with Kirk Cousins, who I project will be my starter the rest of the year, and Sam Darnold.  How do you feel bout picking up Watson?  We pay for transactions, but not much.   QB's score 6 points for all TD's and 3 bonus points for 300 yards passing, 75 yards rushing.  I am thinking if Watson gets traded and actually plays, he might be a good option later in the year.



I wouldn't mess with Watson.  Cousins has been really good and should continue the rest of the year.  You should be fine.  



i had same going on with me...i have allen and winston...i have the spot to use so i dropped winston for watson...if hes not traded ill drop him, no harm no foul


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