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Please use this thread for archival purposes.AceAliceBeaten OneBeavisBeefyBiffBig BoyBlustermanBudCakeCakeboyChampCaptain CheerfulCaptain ContributelessCaptain ExtremoChazmoChiefChoadChubsCHUMPChunk-A-RamaChunkarooChunklesClarkDepartment head of tooleryDudeEinstienFellaFlunkfestGrandmaster AsswadGuppyGuyHeathenJockoKidKnobLarded OneLittle ManLittle OneLiverlipsLooseyMetrocakeMr OriginalNancyPickstalkerPoindexterPopPopsPorkins####wardSallySisterSkipSlappySlobasaurus SlySonSpankaholicSpankasaurusSpanked OneSpankleSpankySpiffoSportSportoToolTootyVisor-wearin cakeWannabeWhinewhoreWimpasaurusUser specific:Captain Carebear, Chubella (Capella)Dynamic Metro-Twins (Scupper and JAA)JAAholeMellySir Motard (for Scupper only, I think)Sandfagger or AzzbaggerT-CoxGrandmaster of Spin (Chem Smoo)Not sure what category this should go in:Blowjuns (USC)
:bow: God, this is still so awesome.
Have to be careful. Got suspended for calling someone dumb in another thread (after they had offered that they might be dumb anyway). :lmao:


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