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Pierre Thomas - Questionable (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

If you're playing for something today and don't see a player listed, start a thread and I'll pin if appropriate

ESPN's John Clayton doesn't believe that Pierre Thomas (back) will play Sunday against the Panthers.Saints coach Sean Payton said all week that he wasn't game planning for Drew Brees to break Dan Marino's passing record in Week 17, but Thomas' absence may force him to go pass happy anyways. New Orleans is unlikely to rely on Deuce McAllister heavily, especially if he starts slow in the dome.
Saints RB Pierre Thomas (back, wrist) is inactive for Week 17.Deuce McAllister will start, but the Saints will have to turn to the air with Drew Brees 402 yards shy of breaking Dan Marino's record. New Orleans was looking for Thomas to put his stamp on the feature back job over the final month, and he exceeded expectations. Expect to see him back in a similar lead back role next season. Thomas finishes the season with 909 total yards, 4.8 yards per carry, and 12 total touchdowns.

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