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According to the NFL.COM gamebooks, Tinoisamoa has started at SLB the last two preseason games ... will this continue and how much hit does that create to Pisa's value?Rams claim they dont have such a thing as a SS and a FS (they are interchangable) ... is this also true with WLB and SLB?Any input?

Coakley has been one of the smallest starting LB's the past few years. At 5'10" 225lbs, Coakley would get killed by much larger TE's on the strong-side.Unfortunately for Pisa and his 6'1" 235lb frame, Pisa will most likely be the SLB by default. He will be playing in much less space than he did in '04.On a side note, the ride of Pisa from the '04 season to the '05 season has been rather ironic. The Rams tinkered with the idea of moving Pisa from OLB to SS in an effort to lessen the burden on his shoulder(s). Fast forward a few months...the SS idea was scrapped and now Pisa will be getting smacked on nearly every play.Good call, Mike Martz! :thumbdown:

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it was announced tino would be WLB, & i didn't see latest game but he was definitely lined up on strong side in game one... looks like that is where he will line up.last year, at WLB he separated his shoulder week one but it bothered him all year. in 2003, he put up decent stats in his rookie season from SLB... he had multiple sacks, FFs & INTs... probably had second best year for rookie LB after barnett... lance briggs moved past him last season for second best LB in class of '03 after barnett... boss bailey was in a group with these guys, but was hurt all last season... we should keep an eye out for EJ henderson from that class, who could be ready for a breakout season.

Pisa has been playing WLB in tonights game as far as I can see, and I've been looking.Coakley was covering Pollard.Coakley and pisa were their nickel backers.


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