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pls better my team..thank you (1 Viewer)


PPR- 10 team league- start QB, 2RB, 2WR, RB/WR, TE, D, K

QB - Ryan, Brees

RB- Zeke, 4nett, K.Johnson, Henry

WR - Diggs, Gordon, Ridley, Fuller, Gollaway

TE- Engram (out 2-4wks), OJ Howard

K- Lutz, D-Jax

on WW of note- RB Lindsay, C.Thompson, Alf ; WR Baldwin, Watkins, Woods, C.Davis : TE Cook, Njoku, Eifert

** I feel like I need a another RB but Engram injury force me to pick up OJ, I could drop Engram or a WR but I believe my WRs are great or breaking out. Like to keep 2 QB cause Brees bye week coming up..... Thoughs?


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