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PPR Flex - C. Kirk or C. Davis or K. Coutee - WHIR (1 Viewer)


PPR, need to pick one for my flex spot
Christian Kirk - home vs. Denver
Corey Davis - at LA Chargers (but in London)
Keke Coutee - at Jacksonville

Over at Fantasy Pros, 92 of 96 experts favor Davis and 4 of 96 favor Kirk.  (It's 91 to 5 for Davis vs. Coutee)
Tremblay has Davis at 14, Coutee at 21, Kirk at 30
Dodds has Coutee at 32, Davis at 37, Kirk at 42
Bloom has Kirk at 31, Coutee at 46, Davis at 48

The guy whose arrow has been pointing up seems to be Kirk while Davis laid an egg last week.  Davis is definitely the #1 in Tennessee and Kirk seems to be #1 in Arizona (as long as Fitzgerald is hobbled) while Coutee is #3 if Fuller is healthy.

The Chargers pass rush is nowhere near the Ravens pass rush, and Matt Bitonti has upgraded the Titans O-Line this week, so hopefully the Titans offense isn't the disaster it was last week.  But the game is in London so who knows what the affect will be there

Recent target counts for the past 3 weeks
Kirk - 5 targets vs. Seattle, 4 targets vs. San Francisco, 7 targets vs. Minnesota
Davis - 15 targets vs. Philadelphia, 6 targets vs. Buffalo, 4 targets vs. Baltimore
Coutee - 15 targets vs. Indianapolis, 7 targets vs. Dallas, 5 targets vs. Buffalo

Leave a link and thanks!

I'm probably a bit bitter from the disappointment that has been Dion Lewis and Corey Davis so far, but my first instinct is to say Kirk. If I put the bias aside I have to agree that Davis is probably the right choice this week.


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