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PPR Keeper Pick 2 of 3 (1 Viewer)


I have a PPR keeper league, you get to keep the player for 2 years max and lose the pick in the round they were taken originally. None of these players have been kept before so both have 2 years eligibility.

Cam Akers - Undrafted - Last Pick
Mike Evans - 3rd Round
Gabe Davis - 10th Round

I originally thought it was going to be easy and take Cam and Evans. But now I keep thinking about Davis at a 10th round penalty is a really good value, especially with what I think he can do and they way he's shooting up draft boards. Does it make sense to stick to the original plan and then just "reach" early for davis or keep him at 10 and potentially get a huge upside for him next year if he's going much higher? Or do i just keep both WRs and forget about Cam. Let me know your thoughts.


I am not a big fan of Evans (too boom/bust) and I like other players going in the 3rd. I would keep Akers and Davis.


Ya I see your point in the value aspect, although since there are going to be 2 keepers for each team players will be drafted higher. So Evans does have a decent chance at going in the first depending on who's kept.


You lose your last pick if you keep Akers? I dont like him but geez, thats a steal. And Davis in 10. No way there is a 7 rd difference b/w Evans and Davis end of season.

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