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Puka or Jaxon (PPR Redraft) (1 Viewer)

Ray Barboni

Hey Fellas,

2nd waiver priority, so it’s not even a given I land Puka - but it’s worth a shot.

Crazy to think my most droppable at this moment is JSN, but I really can’t afford to drop a RB just yet.

Drop JSN do Puka? Or will that be a big regret? Other WR’s on roster are:

AJ Brown
Christian Watson
Zay Flowers
Jakobi Meyers
JSN ( or Puka )

Love to just drop Jaylen Warren or Antonio Gibson - but finding a RB on the waiver is next to impossible. Current RB room is:

Dameon Pierce
James Conner
Antonio Gibson

Thanks for the thoughts.

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