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Push for playoff...what do you think? (1 Viewer)


Going back and forth on tinkering with my roster and lineup. Pretty much think I will finish 2nd. 1st is loaded (Allen, Geno, Barkley, Eckler, Robinson, Kupp, AJ Brown, Cooper, JuJu, Sutton, Everett, Hill, McPherson l, Vikings)

If all goes right I should have a shown down with him for the title, just gotta get there first.

Been trying for weeks to flip Diontae, players and picks for Diggs and nothing yet.

Thinking about working on my TE as Waller is a no show.

Snagged the Bills and Tucker to sure up DT and PK.

Thoughts On what to tinker with, still presue Diggs? Go after TE?

Current team
QB Mahomes, Pickett, Trubisky, Henne

RB CMC, Dameon Peirce, Rhamondre Stevenson, JK Dobbins, Tony Allgeier, Kyren Williams, Pacheco, Zamir, Patterson (on IR) need to clear cap to flip Dobbins on and him off after the minimum IR length

WR Chase, Waddle, Johnson, Higgins, Pickens, Hardman, OBJ, Shakir, Watkins, Reynolds

TE Waller, Hurst, Bellinger

PK Maher, Tucker, Butker

DT Bills, Broncos, Seahawks

PPR/Salary cap/Dynasty
10yards receiving =1pt
10yards rushing =1pt

Starting requirements QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB/WR), Flex (WR/TE), PK, DT
I would ditch a kicker and a defense if there any upside RB/WR avaialable. You don't need three kickers. You can probably get away with having one.

Definitely need help at TE. Not sure what you can do to improve that as Hurst is ok and likely the same as anybody that may be available.

I don't think you need Diggs unless you can get him at or slightly below market value. I definitely wouldn't overpay as while he does improve you in the near term depending on what you have to give up may be a bigger hit overall. Your WR's are good as is.
For me-- its about creating a decision free lineup-- makes it way easier for me if im not deciding between two even guys in rankings during the playoffs. Counter to this is one injury can really crush me.
I agree with this for when the playoffs start. Then it's all about your starting lineup. If a player gets hurt mid game you are likely done anyway so having bench depth is minimized. I think it's a little too early to go full playoff mode. Plus this is also diminished in a dynasty league because you do have to put a team together for next year too. So getting rid of all your depth is not advantageous.

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