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I have the first waiver wire position and since there is nobody on the wire I am interest in grabbing.  So, I am thinking of using it to pick up a QB since Cousins is on bye week 10. Best choices are:

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Washington

Marcus Mariota vs New England

Dak Prescott at Philadelphia

CJ Beatherd vs New York Giants

Alex Smith at Tamba Bay

Is this a good idea and if so which one should I go after. I would drop Bryant but open to other suggestions.

Thanks for the help.

10 team, standard - QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN

QB – K Cousins

RB – J Mixon, L Miller, C Thompson, T Coleman, L Murray, L Bell

WR – K Allen, D Thomas, B Cooks, K Golladay, M Bryant

TE – J Cook/E Engram

K – A Vinatieri

D – Steelers

Fitzpatrick is the highest risk and reward.  I think he is the best choice if you know for sure he is playing.  I guess you can pre-emptively pick him up now and hope he keeps the job and if he doesn't or has a crap game you can drop him for one of the other choices.  I assume there will be similar choices to those listed available next week as well. 

I agree about the risk/reward but for a first waiver position it may not be worth it.  I only need someone for 1 week.


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