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QB & Flex advice (1 Viewer)

the shiva

For Week 5: Kyler or Lamar &  Singletary or Conner?

QB - Kyler Murray
RB - Nick Chubb
RB - Najee Harris
WR - Diontae Johnson
WR - Davante Adams
FLEX - Latavius Murray
FLEX - Travis Kelce
FLEX - Devin Singletary
DP - Christian Kirksey
DP - Cole Holcomb
DP - Logan Wilson
K - Daniel Carlson

QB - Lamar Jackson
RB - Sony Michel
TE - Kyle Pitts
WR - Marquez Callaway
RB - James Conner
WR - Russell Gage
K - Matt Prater
RB - Rhamondre Stevenson
RB - Kenyan Drake
RB - Peyton Barber


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