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Question about NFL schemes (1 Viewer)

A little early to say for certain.

Teams currently employing a Base 3-4 defense


New England Bill Belechik Dean Pees

Pittsburgh Bill Cowher **** LeBeau

Baltimore Brian Billick Rex Ryan

Cleveland Romeo Crennell Todd Grantham

Houston Gary Kubiak Richard Smith

San Diego Marty Shottenheimer Wade Phillips

Dallas Bill Parcells Mike Zimmer

San Fransisco Mike Nolan Billy Davis

N.Y. Jets will be one to watch with ex NE DC Eric Manginin now HC. Hearing Houston will opt out of the 3-4.

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With Saban entering his 2nd season and Capers onboard, it's safe to say the Dolphins will be seeing A LOT of the 3-4.

I've heard Houston is moving to the 4-3 for the 2006 season?
I look for Houston to switch to a 4-3 with Wong or Greenwood being the MLB. I'm guessing they target some DE's in the draft.

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