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rank these linebackers (1 Viewer)


1.5 per tackle.75 per ###. tackle4 sack5 int3 forced fumble2 fumble recov.6 td1 pass defendedWho are the top 5 out of this group?D. MorganA. WilsonK. BellJ. PetersonB. SimmonsD. CoaxleyMarcus WashingtonT. LehmanJoey Porter

1) Morgan: top 5 LB when he plays. Unfortunatley he will miss at least 4 games.2) JPeterson: Amazing talent, but he plays OLB in a 3-4. Far better NFL player than fantasy guy.3) AWilson: Should put up nice numbers.4) KBell: Somebody has to rack up points on KC. Bell should get his shot.5) JPorter: Some injury risk here.

D. MorganA. WilsonB. SimmonsJ. Peterson* K. BellMarcus WashingtonD. CoaxleyJoey PorterT. Lehman* Bell could leap-frog both Peterson and Simmons if he proves to be completely healthy (which is highly unlikely).

Because your scoring system rewards big plays a lot more than tackles.....1. Peterson2. Morgan3. Wilson4. Porter (only if healthy)5. Simmons5a. WashingtonBell's fantasy career is over IMO. His injury tendancies will prevent him from ever playing consistantly for any length of time.Lehman hasn't been able to secure a starting job yet. He better figure it out soon because every year a new crop of young talented backers comes in to take their shot.Coakley....didn't realize he was still playing.


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