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Hey Guys, Let me know what you think. 12 Team League..start 2 DL, 2 LB and 2 DB points are as follows:

DL     LB      DBTackle                    2 pts  1.5 pts 1.5  ptsAssist                    1 pt   1 pt    1 ptInterception              4 pts  3 pts   5 ptsPass Defensed             2 pts  1 pt    2 ptsFumble Recovery           3 pts  2 pts   1 ptsForced Fumble             2 pts  2 pts   2 ptsSack                      4 pts  2 pts   2 ptsSafety                    5 pts  5 pts   5 ptsTouchdown                 10 pts 10 pts  10 pts10 Tackle Game            3 pts  3 pts   3 pts2 Interception Game       3 pts  3 pts   3 pts3 Sack Game               3 pts  3 pts   3 ptsPenalty                   -(1)pt -(1)pt  -(1)pt
Auction Draft $300 cap I got the following:DL-Rod Coleman($1)--KeeperDL-Justin Smith($5)DL-Kelly Gregg($1)LB-Donnie Edwards($21)--KeeperLB-Kailee Wong($1)LB-Sam Cowart($4)DB-Rodney Harrison($30)DB-Michael Boulware($11)DB-Thomas Davis($1)So, how did I do. I overpayed a tad for Harrison and Boulware but I really wanted those 2 as my DB's Also I need to make a decision between Wong and Cowart as my every day starter. Which of those 2 would you start along side Donnie Edwards??
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Wow nice Defensive backs.. I think you need some help at lineman.. Overall pretty good .. All you need is a stud Dl and your Defense is pretty darn good... DOtn forget to reply to my post


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