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Just finished my draft and wanted to get the community's opinion, I think I did fairly well albeit a risk on QB/TE.

10 Team PPR, Pick 7, Redraft,  QB,  2 RB,  2 WR,  TE,  Flex,  IDP,  PK,  DEF,  7 Bench

Odd Rule Changes:  Rush TD = 7 pts, Rec TD = 8 pts, Rush/Rec yardage are 1 pt per 5 yards... craziness, but the rest is your typical PPR rule set.

(QB) Jimmy Garoppolo (9.07)

(RB) Dalvin Cook (2.04), Jerrick McKinnon (3.07)

(WR) Antonio Brown (1.07), Mike Evans (4.04)

(TE) Delanie Walker (8.04)

(Flex) Jay Ajayi (5.07)

(IDP) C.J. Mosley (14.04)

(PK) Justin Tucker (15.07)

(DEF) Minnesota Vikings (10.04)

(Bench) RB: Lamar Miller (6.04), WR: Marquise Goodwin (7.07), WR: Julian Edelman (11.07), TE: George Kittle (12.04), RB: Marlon Mack (13.07), RB: Latavius Murray (16.04), WR: Dez Bryant (17.04)

Getting AB at pick 7 is awesome, but RB's went fast first round as usual.  Dez is a gamble but for round 17 ill take it and turn him into QB depth if he remains unemployed (Alex Smith, Dak Precott, Marcus Mariota, and Jared Goff all available).  Any thoughts or feedback would be most welcome, thank you!

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I like the team except for Mack and Bryant. To me both those guys are replaceable for someone on waivers right away. With that many qb's out there pick up waiver rb's and wr's.

For a ten team league, I am concerned about your RBs.  You have a 2d year player coming off an injury, a FA that just switched teams, an RB that was traded to a new team last year, a perennially injured RB, a handcuff, and a lottery ticket.  That's a lot of risk.

I can agree with that... I very well couldn't pass on Antonio Brown at 1.07, but in Round 2 it was either Cook, Freeman, or McCaffrey, followed by McKinnon and McCoy in Round 3.  I felt Cook had more upside and chose McKinnon over McCoy due to McCoy's risk and McKinnon's PPR potential... I think my biggest mistake was taking Mike Evans over Jordan Howard in the 4th, too eager for a WR2 i guess.


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