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Really need a WR2 - stacked at RB - who to let go/target? (1 Viewer)


12-team, PPR - 8-0, 2-game lead

So, I'm not desperate, but keenly aware of the knife-edge I've been balancing on.

My Roster:
QB: Rodgers, Trubisky
WR: Theilen,........Baldwin, Robinson, Cobb, DJ Moore
RB: Barkley, Conner, McCaffrey, White, Thompson
TE: Kittle, Doyle
K: Lutz
DST: Streaming (Dallas, Carolina)

So, if Theilen got hurt (bye week 10), I'm hurting big time. There are potential question marks with each of my stud RB1 RBs based on usage, or schedule going forward.

If I were to trade away one of these RBs, which would you choose, and what kind of WR combo could I get that could help me. Not many teams are active in this league, so my trade targets are somewhat limited. I don't think anyone wants Baldwin, Robinson, or Thompson.

Is Conner a sell high now? What if Bell sits out all year, on the condition that the Steelers don't tag him next year?



Conner is certainly a sell now guy as he faces demotion or a time share through no fault of his own simply if Bell appears on the scene. As to who you should target that all depends on the team you are trading with. Target the Bell owner first if its not too late. Conners value is decreasing everyday with Bells arrival forthcoming.

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I would offer up all your RB's and see which one nets the best return.  There is no reason to limit your options in trades.  Put them out there and see what interest you get and who brings in the best haul. 


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