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Redraft l16 team league, drafting friday ! 20$ need ppl! (1 Viewer)


Hello my name is Michael.
I am starting this 16 team redraft league and always wanted to do a 16 team league.
I tried to make a fun league everyone can still win some money
Also, as in all my leagues I run, the winner from the past year gets free entry into the next year.
I am looking for active, fun owners, who love fantasy football and enjoy earning some extra $$ on the side.

1/2 point PPR  scoring with added bonus points for reaching certain milestones ( 100 yd rushing game, etc.
Extra slot for TE/WR
and extra flex position
and 9 bench spots.

20$ per person, thru LeagueSafe.
Link ( https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3883893 4 )

Prize breakdown:
Small trophy ( which I pay myself out of pocket) (1st place only)
1st place: 180$
2nd place: 60$
3rd place: 20$
Top Consolation winner: 10$

Division winner: 10$
Overall top points scorer: 10$

Draft is tentatively set for Friday night
Date might be changed if we cannot get enough players.

If interested,
send me your email.
Once you join the league, please pay the fee.

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