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League has all 32 NFL banners so if one of the 3 open teams (Panthers, Patriots, or Texans) is not one you want you can pick from any other team not taken. I have them saved offsite.

$105.00 Fee (league is going into its 6th year) Slow draft Not Live

Here are the bylaws:


Here is the league site:


Only thing I ask is that you have some access while at work. Long delays are never fun for a draft so we try to keep moving as much as possible during the working hours. Smart phones, predrafting, and a few breaks in your work day help make the draft keep a nice pace.

If your interested let me know-----

We will run draft order as soon as the league is filled and paid so you can mock for practice if you like on other sites to prepare yourself for a pile of money. :moneybag:


The draft will be in August but there has not been a date set yet. Will be setting those soon. If we need to move it a day or two because someone has a conflict that is easy enough to do.

Only 1 spot open............2 filled.


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