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Rest of year: Kerryon Johnson or Aaron Jones? (1 Viewer)

what did I miss?  Why is he in the doghouse?

The Green Bay Packers will reinstate Aaron Jones to the active roster at some point this week, but he’ll return as a secondary option behind Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery at running back.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Williams and Montgomery will remain the go-to runners.

“Jamaal and Ty have been playing good football. I understand what Aaron gives us, but his role will be secondary compared to Jamaal and Ty, they’ll be in the first slots,” McCarthy said Wednesday. “How we use them, that’s why we play the game.”

Johnson, Jones is in the doghouse even though he may be the better player in GB.
I wouldn't say Jones is in the doghouse but that he has to work his way back into the lineup.  Similar to if he had an injury for the last two weeks.  Doghouse implies he is not going to be given a chance at all.  If Williams/Montgomery play the way they have the first couple weeks Jones should move past them in the near future.  It just might take a week or two. 

All that being said, at this point I would go with Johnson over Jones if I had to pick one right now. 

Thanks beer,  I don't think that means he's in the doghouse, just simply that he must earn his way back into the line up.

Also, Williams is a better pass blocker and with Rodgers being banged up, I'm sure first priority is to limit hits.


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