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Restaurant name help-final 5 announced-we are losers (1 Viewer)


I play in a golf tourney every year at Clear lake Manitoba(30 years running).  They are renaming the restaurant & have a contest for renaming it with winner receiving a $75 gift certificate towards the food.  It's not modern ritzy but plenty cozy, clean, great view of the course, all natural wood log interior including the ceiling & the tables.  View of the lake & golf course.  Good steaks & walleye(fish).  Yes, they serve drinks, wine & beer.  It's built out of logs & very picturesque & overlooks Clear Lake in Manitoba Canada.  Course is a classic built out of the trees in the 20's.

I've included a link to the course which will also show the restaurant building.

Sooooo whtacha got?   may not be able to answer questions until tomorrow. 


sounds like a great example of traditional and cultural construction and ambiance, in a picturesque golf course setting.  How about "Heritage Clubhouse Restaurant"? 

I’ve always wanted to open up a strip club called Sinnin’ and Grinnin’ that serves breakfast and our catchphrase would be “smells like strippers and grits!”

Probably shouldn’t use any of that for this contest, but it's what I thought of after reading OP


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