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Rodney Harrison Preseason Stats (1 Viewer)


1st preseason game - played 1st half only1 tackle, 2 assists, 1 pass defended2nd preseason game - played 1st half only5 tackles, 5 assists, 1 INT, 2 passes defended :eek: This is just preseason, but I wanted to see the impact of departures at the LB position with the Pats. I am very confident about leaving R Harrison at the top of my DB rankings. I would not be surprised if he surpassed his tackle numbers from last year.

I don't have Harrison, however I drafted James Sanders as the prospect for Harrison's long term replacement. 2 Questions:How has Sanders looked in the preseson?How much longer do you figure that Harrison sticks with the Patriots before either moving on or retiring?

the undisputed #1 safety for this year, and i wouldnt think you were off base if you had him #1 for dynasty despite his age. he's that good.

How many more years do you thin he has left?

1 or 2????
Looking at his salary:2005 $M 1.75

2006 $M 2.10

2007 $M 2.70

2008 $M 3.00

Watching how the Patriots dealt with Milloy and Law, I'd guess 2 years. Those numbers aren't horrible, but isn't Rodney one of the guys who was clamoring for a re-worked deal this off-season?

Remind me, did he get his extension? Are these the new numbers? If he's still wanting more, he'll be gone sooner. The Patriots don't play that game.

How many more years do you thin he has left?

1 or 2????
Given where Rodney is in his career, I think if the Pats take a major step back this year, he may be gone. I don't think he's going to want to hang out with them if they don't have a legit shot at any more titles.

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