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I have Rodney Harrison in my dynasty league :wall: We have a salary cap for keeping players with their salary based on the previous year's total points, so Harrison will be a cheap keeper next year.However, he is over 30 and I'm wondering if it's worth the roster spot. Opinions? TIA :thumbup:

i think he's still a hold but if you have an IR list in your league that is the best.If not, if you can afford to roster spot, sure why not.... if i did not have an IR, I likely would drop him.

Given your rules, I think he's a nice keeper if you've got roster space. He'll be cheap, and if he plays middle of the pack will likely be a bargain.I'd hang on to him for now, and see how he's progressing when it comes keeper time next year, unless you get in a spot where you need the space.

Since it looks like I will be filling up my IR this week with other players (Takeo and Pennington) I will be forced to either keep him active or cut him. I will likely keep him active and see what he says about retirement.

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