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Rookie Draft Pick valuation - Hindery Chart (1 Viewer)

I was wondering Dan has a rookie draft choice valuation chart - for the picks themselves, not the players? I found the player valuation - https://www.footballguys.com/article/2023-dynasty-trade-value-rookie-postdraft. Looking for valuation chart on the picks though.

I don't think he did it that way after the draft. For what I think you are looking for you'd need to go to his trade value chart in April. But since that chart was before the draft not sure how relevant it would be. Looks like post-draft he went player over picks.
I had the same question yesterday.

Go back and look at the trade value charts for May. I think that's the best idea for what you want.

KTC also has their trade calculator which will give you a rough idea on values.
I'm a little curious as to why you would need a person's opinion on draft pick values when you already have the same person's values on the rookies themselves. Wouldn't it just be a modification of the list of player values in sequence, where each value is bumped up based on how many "reaches" you expect to have occured by the pick in question? I mean, I guess that would require adjustments that an expert could be good for, but it seems like each owner would know best his league's drafting tendencies to put a personal touch on the valuations. (I guess available free agents complicates things a little bit, if you're allowed to draft them, but not too terribly.)

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