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Rookie IDP and Offensive Draft (1 Viewer)


Hi all,

Need some help on mixed rookie draft.

i know it depends on how IDP is scores but anyone have any advice as a general rule of thumb what round or where your first pick IDP should sit in a draft?

especially this year as seems to be some hot talent in IDP, plus I’m pick 8 so most RB, WR probably gone. 

Appreciate advice, thanks in advance.

Scoring matters a lot for the IDP side. Balanced scoring (IDP players are on-par with offensive players) makes the value reasonably close, and you'll see the top IDP player drafted with the last few picks of the first round then the remaining 3-5 studs will be snapped up in the second round. Variations in scoring systems can move that range up or down. Looking at your league history (if it's an established league you're joining) will help. 

My main league gives big points for solo tackles, and we start almost as many IDPs as offensive players.   As a result, IDP stud rookie LBs start flying off the draft board early, after the obvious starting RBs and some WRs are gone.   I expect Simmons, Queen, and (maybe)  Murray will be taken by 2.02.   DBs and DLs aren't valued as highly, and the WW will always have plug and play replacements available.


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