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Roster tweaking...WHIR (1 Viewer)

TX Steel

0.5 PPR, bonuses for 100+ yds rushing/receiving, 300+ yds passing, 50+ yd TDs.

Starters in BOLD, FAs in parenthesis:

My Team:

QB--Luck (L Jackson)

RB--Miller, Ware, Edwards, Kelly (Ridley, Montgomery, Burkhead)

WR--AB, Galloway, Gordon, Lockett, Callaway, Coutee (Gallup)

TE--Gronk, Brate (Uzomah, Herndon, Andrews)

FLEX--J White, J Wilson

DST--CHI (New Orleans)

His Team:


RB--Barkley, Coleman

WR--Sanders, Woods

TE--Ian Thomas

FLEX--Crowell, Howard



Just wondering if I should make any changes to my starting roster, or play keep away and pick up some FAs.  I have one bench spot open.  Lamar Jackson is a potential keep away pickup, but I'm not sure he'll keep the job if Flacco gets healthy enough to play.  Also considering playing the Saints over the Bears this week.

Let me know what you'd do, if anything.  Thanks, and please leave a link so I can return the favor!

I'd go Jackson over Luck, and Edwards over White at flex. Guess I'm on the Ravens bandwagon this week.

I'd also want no part of the Bears D this week. You can easily drop Coutee for a 2nd D.


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