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Round 2 Point Spreads (1 Viewer)



Sea -9 over Was

Den -3 over NE


Ind -9 over Pit

Chi -3 over Car
Den and Chi only by 3 even though they each beat their opponent by 8-10 points during the regular season? Seems a bit low.
This might be reflective of the fact that New England and Carolina have more playoff experience and/or success than their confera=ence counterparts (Denver and Chicago respectively).It might also indicate that "Vegas" feels a larger (more accurate) spread would result in too much action on New England and Carolina.

I'll take:Sea to fairly easily cover the 9 over Was. Sea by 17.NE in a close win over Den, so the 3 points are a bonus. NE by 2.Ind to win, but I don't think they cover the 9. Ind by 6.Chi to win and cover the 3. Chi by 7.

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Ok, I'll bite. Indy will cover EASILY. Indy over Pitt will be the biggest blowout of all these games.

All 4 top seeds have been sitting there waiting for their opponent. An extra week of rest and playing at home. A decided advantage.Typically in this round you will get 3 home teams winning and 1 road team winning outright.Seat -9NE +3Indy -9Chi -3


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