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S.Michel the rest of the season (1 Viewer)


Anyone think that S.Michel is a sell high at this point in the season considering that R.Burkhead will be back in week 13? I get that Michel and the Patriots had a rough week 10 vs the Titans, but I personally feel that is an outlier. I think he has significant value going forward as long as the touches are distributed between him and James White.

It gets a lot trickier when the Patriots add R. Burkhead into the mix right in time for the fantasy playoffs. Does anyone have a feel for how the Patriots will use Michel when Burkhead is back? Any homers know who will get the goal line touches when all three are in the Patriots lineup for the fantasy playoffs?

Is Michel a #1/high end #2rb in the fantasy playoffs or is he a guy to deal off while you can still get value for him?


irish eyes

I had burkhead on a couple of teams before I cut his brittle a@@. He wasn't doing anything before he got hurt so I wouldn't be too worried. I have Michel and I am not concerned with burkhead.


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