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Setting up Crazy Deep PPR League - Looking for Owners & Suggestion (1 Viewer)


The Premise

I have no clue how high the traffic is here in the LFL forum, so hopefully I get some interest and help with this. Here's the deal. I signed up for CBS' promo last year for a Free Fantasy Football Commish league. My home league, now in it's 13th year, used CBS for our first 7 years, and loved it, but the price was (and still is) just absurd. But I want to give them a shot, so I want to run a league there to see how they stack up nowadays. I also want to try out a league with some crazy ideas I've had for the last few years about my home league.

The Crazy Ideas:

To run a crazy deep PPR league, with few starting requirements, in an attempt to debunk or test out the "RB is King" mentality that is rearing it's head again this year. Right now I'm thinking 2 QBs, and then 10 skill positions of your choice (3 RB/5WR/2TE the "standard"?) plus K & DST because I'm a traditionalist and masochist.

To run the league playoffs DURING the NFL Playoffs. Regular Season will be 17 weeks, with 6 (of 12) teams advancing to the playoffs. No re-draft for the playoffs -- you've got to factor the playoffs into your roster makeup during the season if you plan to contend once you get there. I'm very intrigued by this whole scenario.

What I'm Looking For

Serious owners that will be in for the long haul on this thing, that will be active in Free Agency (FAAB) and Trades, and possibly up for an entry fee (to be discussed.) I mainly want an entry fee, because I know for me personally it makes it difficult to truly care when you don't have something on the line other than bragging rights.

I'm also looking for recommendations, thoughts, and suggestions about the league setup.

Current Setup

12 teams.

Roster - 2 QB, 10 Flex (RB, WR, TE), 1 K, 1 DST (24 total roster spots)

Scoring - 6 pts all TDs, 1 pt per rec, .04 per 1 passing yard, .1 per 1 rushing/receiving yard, 2 pt per 2 pt conversion, No Negatives for INT or Fumble. K & DST pretty standard.

FAAB would be $100 budget, running Weds & Sat. I prefer a mix of FAAB & FCFS but apparently CBS does not allow this.

Trades are heavily encouraged, with NO veto process, and commish intervention only in cases of proveable and obvious collusion. I don't like to get involved. If someone gets fleeced, they get fleeced. But no cheating.

Regular Season would run weeks 1-17, with Two 6 team divisions. Play your division mates twice each, all other teams once, with the exception of one team you would play twice. 6 teams into the playoffs, with the 2 division winners getting a bye in the Divisional Round.

So, thoughts?

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I've got a couple interested owners via a posting at Reddit. We're gonna go with a $25 entry, through leaguesafe, it will be a serpentine Live Draft at a date to be determined based on availability. If interested, let me know.

4 spots taken, 8 spots remaining. Still interested in molding this thing into the best it can be as well.


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