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Should I pick up Danny Amendola? (1 Viewer)


12 team Full PPR

I've been trying to uprade my WRs, we can start as many as 5 a week with 2 flexes.
I was able to get Golladay on waivers but missed out on Enunwa
My WRs are AJ Green, Fitz, Golladay, Josh Gordon and Robbie Anderson

Someone dropped Amendola to get Enunwa, is Are any of these a better PPR option than Robbie Anderson?

Amendola, Ginn, Dorsett, Allison, Beasely, Godwin, B Marshall, Mike Williams

Beasley, Ginn, Allison is how I would rank them but it all depends on who you are going to drop but they are all beneath your current WR's.

Then no keep what you have. With so many  guys available you can let them slide another week to get a better understanding of usage..


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