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Stacked Draft Opportunity (1 Viewer)


14 team ½ PPR. Not dynasty. Last season I traded the season away for picks for this season. We can no longer trade picks 😊. I have the following picks: 1.05, 2.02, 2.10, 3.05, 3.12, 5.05, 6.03, 6.10, 7.05, 7.09, 7.13, 8.04, 8.10, 12.12. All the Mock’s I’ve done seem much better taking a high-end TE and QB for overall balance and expected points. I can often get Kelce with the first pick and get Mahomes or Hurts with the second or third pick. The way my picks are stacked I still have a very nice round out of RB and WR with both consistent and upside options. It’s not the traditional route to take on drafting, but I think it makes sense in this case. I’m not opposed to Richardson late and some other decent mid/late QB but I hate taking a flyer on a late TE and feel like I’m wasting a spot with that extra QB. What do y’all think?

Most Recent Mock for Example Purposes:

1.05 5 Travis Kelce TE KC
2.02 16 Tony Pollard RB DAL
2.10 24 Jalen Hurts QB PHI
3.05 33 Aaron Jones RB GB
3.12 40 Amari Cooper WR CLE
5.05 61 James Conner RB ARI
6.03 73 Chris Godwin WR TB
6.10 80 Jordan Addison WR MIN
7.05 89 Kadarius Toney WR KC
7.09 93 Jahan Dotson WR WAS
7.13 97 Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR SEA
8.04 102 De'Von Achane RB MIA
8.10 108 Tyjae Spears RB TEN
12.12 166 Philadelphia Eagles TD PHI
That's a good approach with all these picks. Get a top player at each of the onesie positions because those top guys often dominate, and lots of good players at the positions where you start more guys so you can start whichever ones hit biggest.

Whereas if you take one mid-round QB you're basically locking in a disadvantage at one roster spot, and if you take multiple mid-round QBs then you're probably still at a disadvantage vs. the Mahomes/Hurts/Allen teams and you can only start one even if more than one of them hits.
Thanks for the input. That's the thought process I was working under. Even taking a top TE and QB I'm still getting 3 other picks in the first 3 rounds. I'll not get quite as an elite pick for some of them, but with how I can load up on all those picks in rounds 2-8 I think it's worth the trade off. I'll play it by ear and adjust as needed.
This is why anybody starting a league involving picks shouldn’t allow it from the start. There’s always some idiot who drafts a **** team and then wants to ruin the league and trade all their players for picks
I'd look elsewhere than Toney at that round. Upside but tweaked his knee. Crazy you can get value late though. I like most of your picks especially Godwin is Baker is starter

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