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Start Ingram or Peterson? (1 Viewer)

I'd go Ingram. Worry a lot about that game script for Peterson, and coming off an injury(albeit one he didn't miss a game for) I suspect it'll be a Chris Thompson week for Washington.

I'm going with Ingram.  Before the season, there were concerns about the workload split or possibly a doghouse situation when Ingram's suspension was over, but Sean Payton has had nothing but positive comments about getting him back.  The Saints didn't have a suitable replacement so Kamara was ridden harder than was originally planned, I think Ingram is in for a pretty substantial workload.

Ingram would get the start for me, Kamara has been great but they don't want to run him into the ground. Ingram should get 12-20 touches, score, and tally about 75+ yards. 

Please see mine about a bell trade, thx. 


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