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I'm in a full ppr league. My receivers are Davante Adams, Larry Fitzgerald, Josh Gordon, Quincy Enunwa, and Cooper Kupp. Right now I have Cooper Kupp and Enunwa starting. Was wondering about starting Josh Gordon? I think he could have a big game and every article I read says kupp, enunwa, and Gordon are all starters. I have Dion Lewis in at flex. What you guys think?

How many WR's can you start?  You didn't mention Adams in your lineup but I assume you are playing him if he is healthy.  For week #2 I would rank the WR's you are questioning as:


If admas is healthy you start him. After that I would start Enunwa. 

I would wait to start gordon until you see his target share. Enunwa got a huge share, 10 targets and volume is king. going against a dolphins secondary that is no better than the lions. Should see plenty of targets. Kupp got 9 targets, but they are about to run all over the poor cardinals, i see less pass volume this week for the rams

I like Dion lewis as your flex. I think his PPR upside is too good to ignore. Wait for gordon to have a big game before plugging him in. 


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The reasons I couldn't decide whether to start Adam's and Fitzgerald this week is Adams has the lingering shoulder injury, rodgers is questionable and Adam's will be going against Xavier Rhodes all day. Fitzgerald is just stuck in a terrible offense going against a very good rams defense. Just makes me nervous to start either one of those guys


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