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Startup Dynasty: PPR, Salary Cap, NEED 4 (1 Viewer)


Looking for a few more participants for a 12 team PPR startup dynasty. $150 Buy-In. It's salary cap based and you assign contracts from 1-4 years on players. We hold a college development draft each off-season. All money held through Leaguesafe. The slow draft will be begin July 27 and take about 4 weeks to complete. I have 8 paid for and ready to go. Huge payouts in this league. 1/3 the league fees are held back for 3 years when we have a superbowl payout of $1200. 6 Team playoffs for Championship, playoffs for 1.01 draft pick. Very involved league.

PM me if you are interested. Or e-mail: kmorel@mail.usf.edu

Just need 2 more. Things are getting active. Getting ready to set divisions and determine draft order. Slow draft starts in 6 weeks


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