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Startup League - Salary Cap - IDP - 1 spot left (1 Viewer)


I am recruiting for a new league that is set up to mimic being an NFL GM as much as possible. This league is a Salary Cap, Contract (Dynasty), IDP league. All league funds are run through Leaguesafe with Majority rule payout. We use MFL as a platform.

This league will have 32 teams split into two 16 team conferences each with their own player pool. I've got 10 years experience as a commissioner of these type of leagues. A few features include:

Full 7 round rookie draft
A Veteran auction
Full 46 man rosters with a 16 man taxi squad
24 starters including 10 offensive, 2 special teams (K,P), and 12 IDP positions.

Buy in is $150 as well as an initial $150 refundable deposit for 2025 (refundable to the extent it is not needed to give future owners a discounted entry)

Here is a link to the rule book: https://www44.myfantasyleague.com/2024/home/22897#8

Here is a link to the scoring details: https://www44.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=22897&O=09

If interested, please email me at gmanning102@yahoo.com

Happy to answer any questions you may have

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