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Stats Inconsistencies (1 Viewer)


The Miami - NE game stats for IDP was ridiculous....Ellerbe had 2 solo and 9 assist....Wheeler had 1 solo and 7 assist, Clemons 3 solo 7 assist....it's like they were scared to give any LB a solo tackle. Wheeler definitely had several solo tackles, but because another player "touched" the guy, the stat was split as an assist for both players, as opposed to a solo to one and an assist to the other. Frustrating stuff

Yeah it's a joke sometimes. I saw Alonso get awarded a solo tackle in the first quarter today when he basically touched the guy's foot, admittedly slowed his momentum, but then two other guys actually wrapped him up in the tackle.

A solo should be just that ... one guy making a tackle by himself. Assists should be at least two guys taking a guy down, possibly 3 or 4 players could get credit for assisted tackles on a given play, IMO, if a RB runs into a pile. And none of this solo tackle AND assisted tackle on the same play garbage. Either you got a solo or you didn't. By definition, you can't get a solo if you needed assistance to make the tackle. I also believe a player running out of bounds should result in a tackle (sometimes I notice it is not credited as such). I mean, if the defensive player wasn't there, the offensive player wouldn't have run out of bounds, so they should get credit for the tackle. If two or more defenders are in the area, give them all credit for an assist. Seems pretty straight-forward to me.

Is there a resource available that breaks down which stadiums have the "friendliest" stat keepers and vice versa?

It's an assist wasteland and Miami as a team is a bad match-up for any IDP, except DL.

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