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Steelers / Lions (1 Viewer)


If San Diego beats Denver, which I believe will happen, the Steelers may limit their starters as they clinch a playoff spot. They cannot move above Jacksonville, so who they play is out of their hands.This brings me to my point, the Steelers are currently a 14 point favorite. If San Diego wins today, I expect this line to fall SIGNIFICANTLY (possibly as low as 4 by game time).The PERFECT opportunity to try and hit a middle. Thinking of placing a large wager on Detroit +14 and come back with the Steelers when the line adjusts overnight.Any thoughts? Where is the "Ministry Of Pain" when I need him? I noticed he hasn't been posted his locks of the week this year....

It is not very often that these opportunities come up. $100 risk for a possible $2,000 sounds very interesting....


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