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Suggestions for starting an IDP *ONLY* league (1 Viewer)


So, one of my more ambitious (or perhaps crazy) leaguemates threw out the idea of starting an experimental league where you play with ONLY IDPs. Thinking a league of 6-8 owners to start, and you start 11 defensive players, somewhat in line with D positions (3-4 DL, 3-4 LB, 4 DB). Few, if any of us, have ever played IDP before, so I wasn't sure what would be a good positional breakdown and scoring system for something like this. Is there a standard scoring and positional system when IDP is involved that we could adapt to an IDP only league?

Thanks for any insight guys.

No, you are not crazy, but get atleast 10-12 owners if you can. I've been in an all-IDP league for the last 5 years or so, and an all IDP dynasty offshoot. This is a 16 team league, start 11, roster 21. Multiple fronts can be started (3-4, 4-3, nickel, dime)

Starting Lineup Setup

Total Starters: 11

Number of Starting DTs: 1-2

Number of Starting DEs: 2

Number of Starting LBs: 1-4

Number of Starting CBs: 1-4

Number of Starting Ss: 1-2

Tackle heavy with bonuses. I love the format.


I have been Commish of an IDP-only re-draft league for the past 8 years. It currently has 14 teams (started in year 1 with just 4), so every team plays each other in weeks 1-13. There is a 3-week playoff for the top 8 teams.

It is a Big Play league, with a custom scoring system that rewards Scoring, Turnovers, Negative Gains, and Stops in that order. The implication here is that tackles are greatly de-emphasized, unlike most mixed IDP league setups.

When I started the league, I tuned the scoring parameters so that each position contributed approximately the same Fantasy Points (on average) each week. It made for a wacky-looking scoring system, for sure:

Defensive Touchdown=25
Fumble Recovery=8
Fumble Force=5
Block Kick=5
Pass Defended=2
Tackles for Loss=2
Tackle Solo=0.6
Tackle Assist=0.3

Starters: 3 DLs, 4 LBs, 4 DBs, 4 Flex, 1 DEF

There are only 2 Bench spots, so team management through Bye weeks, suspensions, and injuries is crucial.

There is no prize money.

The primary benefit (excluding the social fun) is that is has encouraged a vastly increased awareness of defensive players in general, and high-impact IDPs in particular. This, then, has translated into an advantage in mixed IDP leagues, where managers still tend to be focussed on the offensive side of the ball.

13 of 14 managers from 2012 chose to re-up for the 2013 season. So I know the league has a high "fun quotient".

Hope this helps.

As far as I know, this is the granddaddy of them all. Blitz Invitational in it's current form is two separate 16-team leagues. I had the pleasure of co-commish duties for a few seasons starting in 2007, which is when we resurrected the defunct league. It used to be a member league at FantasyAsylum.com before it folded. It's a tackle heavy format and has since spawned a dynasty format league, which has since shrunk to 14 teams...


If you care at all for IDP, these formats are a must!! The drafts are absolutely the most fun I've ever been a part of. I'd say 10-12 owners is an absolute minimum as well, to keep the challenge there. Positional limits when drafting is also a function of the league I would HIGHLY recommend...

Good Luck!


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