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Superflex #1 pick (1 Viewer)


Have first pick in 12 team Superflex and expect 7-12 QBS to go in first two rounds. If I knew it was 7 I’d pick JJ and take a QB in round 2. But do I risk it and if 12 QBs go, am I ok with Cousins or Daniel Jones or Geno as my QB1?

I guess my question is am I better off with JJ and Jones or Allen/Hurts/Mahomes and Anon/Wilson (or maybe even AJB or Davante drop).

Or I could even start JJ, Anon, Garrett Wilson and pick up who’s left at QB at the 4/5 turn, like Carr, Stafford, Purdy, but even that’s not assured.
Depends on the scoring. Is QB scoring lopsided to the point you must play 2QB's or is it balanced so you can play other positions in the SF spot? If the top 20 have 15 QB's in it then you need to go QB at 1.01

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