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Superflex, Half-PPR looking for 3 players (1 Viewer)


This is a 10-team Half-PPR Superflex league that already has 7 players but needs 3 more. The plan is to draft Monday night, 7:30 PM EST. The buy-in is $20 via Leaguesafe and you would have to get your entry fee in by tomorrow, otherwise we'll have to look for replacements since the draft is so soon.


  • QB
  • RB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR
  • TE
  • OP (QB/RB/WR/TE)
  • DEF
No Kicker. 8 Bench spots. 

It's 0.5 points per reception, 4 points for passing TD, all other scoring is pretty standard.

Snake draft, and fantasy playoffs start in Week 13, top 4 teams face off with each round taking place over 2 weeks. Ends week 16 to avoid players being rested for playoffs. 

If you're interested you can message me your email and I'll send you the invite to the league and to Leaguesafe. First come first serve.

Look forward to hopefully playing with other people who care about fantasy football. 


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